DENSO Q22PR-U11 plugs

Got 4 of these, these are harder to find than I initially thought, at least where I live. I wanted to get the NGK BCPR7E-11s, couldn’t find any, so I got the DENSO equivalent, same plug basically.


The Kaaz 1.5-way LSD & DW lower control arms arrived today, with the obligatory candy.

Kaaz 1.5-way diff, Kaaz diff oil & cover gasket
Driftworks front & rear lower control arms

Refurbished headlights

Having some spare time, I set up to refurbish the headlights and headlight supports; stripped them down, wirebrushed all the rust away, applied rust converter on the brushed spots, coated everything in zinc spray, then a final coat of color paint. 

After final layer of zinc paint.
After final layer of red paint and with some stuff assembled.
Headlight assembly.

Another bundle

Lots of parts here..

  • GKTECH Clutch Fan
  • GKTECH ABS delete
  • GKTECH Suspension Arms all around
  • GKTECH front & rear Z32 caliper conversion brake lines
  • Megan Racing bracing bar
  • GKTECH front subframe brace
  • GKTECH rear subframe reinforcement plates
  • CUSCO front strut bar
  • GKTECH rear subframe bushings
  • GKTECH engine mounts
  • My cat