OEM Crank and some misc stuff

Got the new OEM crank yesterday, along with some misc pieces , more specifically oil pan seals, an oil pick-up strainer o-ring and the Woodruff key for the crank.

Oh, and a bearing for the power-steering pump (notice the funny name).

Oil squirters / Alternator

I’ve cleaned the oil squirters / jets today, removed all the scale and deposits that were present inside and gave them a good sandpaper job on the outside.

Also, in the past weeks I’ve been refurbishing the alternator. Before I had a chance to disassemble it, it was making a loud squeak every time I’ve spun it.. Now, after I’ve cleaned it thoroughly, greased the bearings and painted the covers, it still makes a faint squeak; I might be forced to change the bearings and/or brushes and see if the problem persists.