Update 08.02.2014

Update !

I changed the hood, the front bumper, painted them in the color of the car and did some minor adjustments to the front side so everything looks relatively ok, I just need to adjust those funky headlights.


Well, the car finally arrived, after more than a year of hard work and money saving.

It’s just as I wanted it to be, ’91 model, CA18DET, ~110.000 miles / 174.000 km. Runs nice, almost no rust, the hood needs to be fixed (obviously) – it hit a deer – and also needs an oil change and a new clutch kit, it slips when I rev it harder.

With the car I also got a spare engine, spare gearbox, front / rear bumpers, AC compressor, ABS pump, passenger-side front fender, driveshaft, a set of tail lights and 4 more rims, plus some more misc parts.

Overall, for the price, I am very satisfied.